Saturday, April 11, 2009

List of Topics

So apparently my once a week day off will vary. Anyway, better bloggers than I have said that blogging about blogging is a sin-- a potentially wallowing set of commentaries. So, slightly appropriate on this holiday weekend that I indulge in that. I hit my 100th consecutive fairly full post, if I include linkdumps in that count. So, what do I think about it so far. It is more difficult than I thought, but not that much more.

My original goal was to get myself in the mode of having a single writing task each day that would push me to keep producing something. I think on that score it is successful-- it does push me to organize myself and get some material prepared each day, of varying quality. I've been able to use the blog to double up on some work-- where things I need to get done can be posted here as well. On the other hand, in some cases it has been a small wedge from doing some kinds of writing. I haven't for example, gotten much done on either of the novels. There's also some campaign development stuff that I don't want to post, in that I might use some of it at the table. I've also had a fairly rich set of player-campaign emails I've been working through, both for Libri Vidicos and Changeling. I suspect when I go to run the Sunday Third Continent campaign, I'll try to keep off-table emails to a minimum.

On the whole, though, I'm pretty pleased with it. I've recycled some material-- previously written summaries and the just I've just begun to archive from The Village board. So I'll stick with it for another hundred days, and try to get more interesting material out here.

Things that I mentioned I wanted to write about but haven't yet-- either incomplete series of blog posts or other things mentioned in passing:

-Further discussion of the problems of rpg games in a historical setting
-Final article on authors who have influenced me
-Another piece on striking rpgs that helped shape my approach
-Campaign postmortems-- Vampire, Prophet King, Steambuckler, Bloodlines, Black Company/Planescape, Scion, HCI
-Summaries of older campaigns in the shared fantasy world I've run in
-The New Weird in rpgs
-On the beautiful ephemera of strategy guides
-Approaches to campaign length (medium and long style campaigns)
-Narrative resolution, crunch and argumentation in table play
-Player expectations, meta-discussion and shared personal maps of the campaign shape
-Consensus, player dynamics, and why I won't run for certain people anymore
-Male vs. Female tabletop dynamics
-Robot Zero
-Coming to Classical Music through perfume
-Why I hate orphans in games
-Gender, Race and Sexuality as topics in games
-Sketches for arena game-- both mechanics and setting
-Overcomplicating my plots
-Recent games I've run
-Anime/Manga structures and conventions and their application to tabletop games

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading some of those blog posts you mentioned.