Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dave Arneson

A brief post today, and tomorrow I'll blog about blogging which should be a properly painful exercise.

So Dave Arneson passed away this week. Ken Hite and Robin Laws both have fairly brief and cogent comments on his importance. I started early on D&D thanks to my father's picking up a set of the first small box books for my sister on a trip to Ann Arbor. It was a long time before I really realized Arneson's contribution to establishing the ideas of rpg gaming, since the Gygax machine had been long in place to show him as the father of these games. That's not to say GG didn't do anything, but rather to say that Arneson's contribution had been eclipsed until more recent years when people started to actually compile a decent history of gaming.

I really love role-playing games, so I can only say I'm glad for his contribution and establishment of this hobby.

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