Friday, April 3, 2009


First, best wishes to Will aka Cruelbutterfly on his birthday today. He gets older but he's still the youngest one in the group.

Another linkdump post--

Robin Laws has an interesting post about going to guest lecture for a course on RPG and Narratives.

Ken Hite's revising the bibliography for GURPs Horror and is looking for suggestions.

Both Laws and Hite have written articles for a series of books from MIT Press which cover gaming and narrative. There's a thread with much of the stuff available online if you've got some time. In particular you can find Hite's article on Narrative Tension and Call of Cthulhu here. I wish I could have done a book like this at ND Press.

Wired catches up on German-style board games about five years too late.

The Last Express was a computer game a decade ahead of its time. Someone pieced together the cinematics here.

The Free RPG Blog, full of interesting ideas.

A fan made enormous comic mash up of all the ten Doctors.


  1. I started reading the Dr. Who comic... then I saw that it has over 230 pages!!

  2. Many, too many pages-- but a real work of love.