Sunday, November 25, 2012

Changeling the Lost Vegas

Changeling the Lost Vegas
I’ll be running a Changeling the Lost campaigns using G+ on Mondays from 7-9pm PST. We’ll likely use On-Air depending on the group’s preference (so that I can go back to review and gnash my teeth about my screw-ups). 

The campaign will be set in Las Vegas, but we’ll begin by doing a city creation session ala Microscope or Dresden Files. You can see a post I did on how we used this recently in a f2f session. I’ll set up the sections or ‘neighborhoods’ for the city and collectively we’ll build the People/Places/Events and Rumors/Questions levels as well as some factions. This gives the group a chance to add things they’d like to see in the setting. 

I’ll be using the World of Darkness rules for the game; but I run fairly mechanics light. I often use tags and aspects to short-hand concepts in play. I have a few additional kiths to add as options, and if I get them translated over from our homebrew, some new Contracts. You can see a round-up of some of my earlier Changeling posts here. Generally other nWoD  or oWoD elements (like Prometheans, Mages,etc.) I’ve used as background pieces in the game, rather than fully cross-over’d. I don’t want those to distract from the Changeling spotlight. However the group can choose what they want to add/subtract regarding that in city creation. 

I handle a few things slightly differently than the core materials (or it might be exactly the same and I’m just recalling it badly):
  • Fetches and how to deal with them remain a mysterious, even to experienced Changelings. I don’t like things which ought to be a mystery spelled out too much. So some other elements like this which have hard and fast results in the books may be more uncertain. 
  • Entitlements are more of a spiritual calling rather than an organization. They’re more rare. 
  • Travel between cities can be difficult. Outside of the protections of a Freehold lie the Badlands. Changelings prepare and arm themselves before making such journeys. 
Right now I have three players interested, +Sherri Stewart , +Stacy Dellorfano , and +Cat Rambo . We can run with that, but I’m looking for up to 2-3 more. Sherri wants to do co-pilot if we get enough players. If you’re interested or have any questions please feel free to message me. If you know a good player who might be interested, pass this on.