Thursday, December 13, 2012

A War on Christmas: A DramaSystem Pitch

Pelgrane Press nicely contacted me yesterday and asked if I wanted to put together a holiday-themed DramaSystem pitch for their excellent online publication, See Page XX. I agreed and worked through a number of different ideas: a Parks & Recreation-style battle between different holiday-themed store in a massive mall; time-travelers who had selected Christmas as the day they'd explore in the past; Santa's Workshops after World War Z. There were others even more goofy...

In any case, my pitch A War on Christmas is up on the Pelgrane Blog. I hope you'll go over and check it out. Note my restraint in leaving some X-Mas references untouched (Blitzen, Misletoe, etc). I'm pretty pleased with it. I think I managed to craft a setting that A) I would actually run as an ongoing campaign and B) I would watch if it was made into a BBC mini-series (perhaps with leftover set props from the various Dr. Who Christmas specials).


  1. I love that you and Penny-Arcade were working on related but distinct ideas at the same time. I'm really feeling that holiday spirit! Down with the capitalist running deer!