Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Season Opener: WWW RPG (and the Hooded Luchadore)

I posted earlier about our new World Wide Wrestling rpg promotion for The Gauntlet Hangouts. A year ago if you’d asked me if I’d ever run a wrestling game (or even watch wrestling), I’d have laughed. But WWW grabbed me and Sunday’s first session confirmed it. It’s a game about different levels of drama: outside the ring storylines and inside the ring collaborative narration. We’ve only just begun, so we don’t see much of the former, but I hope to have that on deck for session two. We’ll have four returning wrestlers and 1-2 new ones. 

We recorded our game, and you can that check out below. The actual wrestling play begins about minute :58. The first hour’s given over to character creation, answering questions, and developing the “Heat Map.” That diagrams the relationships between the wrestlers. You can check my notes and the map here. It’s one of my favorite parts of the game. I love how a coherent picture emerges from the diverse questions. If you’re curious about how PbtA style playbook questions create a world, you might watch just that part. 

Also, The Hooded Luchadore weighed in on that first show. I don’t know if I agree entirely with his analysis, but it’s nice to see Gauntlet League Wrestling get some attention. Also he says sweet too much. 
I've created a playlist if you want to follow these videos (I don't want to post them all on the blog. 

GLW is part of the Gauntlet Hangouts which is in turn part of The Gauntlet Podcast community. You can check out their Patreon here. They have a G+ community here.

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