Thursday, February 19, 2009

Next Campaign Survey: the Numbers

A quick follow up to yesterday's post. D made a good point in his comments that a 1-5 scale might be more effective. I've decided to list out the original numbers I got on these games, mostly to show the diversity of reaction. I think it is interesting to see the range of opinions and interests in a fairly small group. Only one person actually put a 'veto' in, but I counted a '1' as an effective veto. I decided to set the threshold at 3-- anything at that number or below would be out. That was a very specific decision on my part; I could certainly have looked at averages, mean and medians, but I wanted a game that everyone would have at least a passing interest in-- and that if they decided they didn't want to play, they'd know I'd made an effort to bring them on board.

Romanus Infernus
7/6/1/3/4/7 (28 total, vetoed)

5/4/8/1/7/3 (28 total, vetoed)

Romance in the Three Kingdoms
7/7/9/8/8/2 (41 total, but p6 ranks it below threshold)

Bloodlines Supers
6/4/5/7/8/4 (34 total)

Vengeance of the Fallen Temple
8/7/3/6/10/8 (42 total, but p3 ranks it below threshold)

Masks of the Empire
9/8/9/5/1/6 (38 total, vetoed)

Burning Midnight
3/7/8/3/8/9 (38 total, but p1 and p4 rank it below threshold)

CSI: Arkham Harbor
10/5/10/1/9/6 (41 total, vetoed)

Mage: Sorcerers Crusade
6/8/3/7/8/7 (39 total, but p3 ranks it below threshold)

Maps of Decay and Destiny
3/6/7/8/10/8 (42 total, but p1 ranks it below threshold)

The Unending City
5/5/10/8/3/3 (34 total, but p5 and p6 rank it below threshold)

7/8/7/7/1/4 (33, vetoed)

Legend of the Five Rings
8/6/1/7/10/5 (37, vetoed)

Third Continent Fantasy
8/8/5/4/10/10 (45)

Notice the relatively low ranking of the more historically based games there. It might also be a worthwhile exercise at some point in the future to consider what makes a good campaign blurb.

I wonder if the reverse exercise would be interesting-- having the players come up with campaign descriptions for things they'd like to play in. Hmmm...note that I myself haven't scored the campaign list above-- assuming it were someone other than me running....hmmm...have to think on that.