Friday, June 24, 2011

Project Superman/DC Adventures

An interesting coincidence today, Newsarama has a preview of the first three pages of Flashpoint: Project Superman which I wrote. That's coming out next Wednesday. And yes, I am going to repeatedly harp on this book (done with Gene Ha!, Art Lyon and Scott Snyder). As well as Rocketeer Adventures #2 which came out this week which I have a story in.

But the interesting rpg connection comes from Green Ronin finally publishing the pdf of DC Adventures Heroes and Villains Volume 1 (which RPGNow spells wrong). I'd been wondering what was going to happen with that, given that DC is relaunching/rebooting the DC Universe in September. I may have to pick up the pdf, though it is $26 which seems a little high but I may breakdown and do it anyway. I like Mutants & Masterminds and enjoyed what Green Ronin has done in adapting DC over. I'm going to talk more about the DC re-launch next week and what it means to gaming.


  1. Whoah, that's awesome stuff. I've been very Flashpoint curious and this makes me want to dive in sooner.

  2. Sgt. Boom is mentioned in a major comic! I cannot thank you enough Lowell. It is a huge honor.

  3. I hope you guys like the book as a whole!