Friday, June 24, 2011

Project Superman/DC Adventures

An interesting coincidence today, Newsarama has a preview of the first three pages of Flashpoint: Project Superman which I wrote. That's coming out next Wednesday. And yes, I am going to repeatedly harp on this book (done with Gene Ha!, Art Lyon and Scott Snyder). As well as Rocketeer Adventures #2 which came out this week which I have a story in.

But the interesting rpg connection comes from Green Ronin finally publishing the pdf of DC Adventures Heroes and Villains Volume 1 (which RPGNow spells wrong). I'd been wondering what was going to happen with that, given that DC is relaunching/rebooting the DC Universe in September. I may have to pick up the pdf, though it is $26 which seems a little high but I may breakdown and do it anyway. I like Mutants & Masterminds and enjoyed what Green Ronin has done in adapting DC over. I'm going to talk more about the DC re-launch next week and what it means to gaming.