Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Firefly, Flashpoint, Futures, and Friends


I'm thinking about how to do Firefly using FATE. I like to have a handful of throw-together scenarios on hand in case I need to run something. Most people around here have played at least one of my two AFMBE scenarios and/or my Conspiracy X game. Anyway, going through the various versions of FATE really struck me. I like our homebrew system, but even with the pick-up draft mechanics I came up with, it still takes some work on the GM's part. I like the idea of FATE for that- for games which aren't going to be ongoing campaigns, but maybe a one shot or a short arc. It has a lot of the feel of the other games we've been playing, along with really fast character creation and easy methods to create skins for it. At first blush, it resembles Savage Worlds for the simplicity of applying it to another setting.

I don't care for the mechanics of Serenity (now OOP). But I do like the reference material there. I've looked through the list of “Advantages” in the core book and the Big Damn HeroesHandbook . All of those could be easily ported over. Most of them have titles which could easily be aspects. I might consider doing something like the Role tracks and groupings which Spirit of the Century has. And there's space combat in Diaspora- although more realistic and crunchy than perhaps would be useful here. Ideally all I would have to do is work out a basic set of space combat rules, plus the list of advantages. Maybe a couple of hours of work. I have the Serenity Adventures book so I could lift and put together something from that. So that's another project in the GTD Gaming queue for me.


Flashpoint: Project Superman #2 came out last Wednesday. I think the book came out really, really well. The pages for #3 look amazing as well. In any case, I feel obliged to toot my own horn here for a minute. MTV Geek picked the book as one of their Top Ten Comics for July:

I wasn’t a huge fan of the first issue of this series, or a lot of the Flashpoint minis in general, so it’s as huge a surprise for me to say this, as for you to read it: Project Superman #2 may be the best Superman story told in the past twelve years. Yup, since Superman For All Seasons, which is my own personal high for Superman stories. If you didn’t pick up the last issue? Doesn’t matter. This is a beautifully written and drawn story that gets to the heart of Superman, and who he is: even in extenuating circumstances, even after he is tortured, driven to the brink, and cut off from all human contact… He’s still not just a good guy, but the best guy. This is, by the way, also an excellent Lois Lane story, with great understated moments throughout. What writer Lowell Francis and artist Gene Ha do is tell the story as much visually as they do through the words. You know, how you’re supposed to do in a comic book? But really, here it works magnificently. Even if issue three is more on par with issue one, this will stand heads and tails as a masterful work of its own.

Scott Snyder also said some really nice things about Gene and I. “So proud of you guys - I keep saying it: ALL GOOD THINGS IN FP: SUPERMAN ARE OWED TO LOWELL AND GENE! I was involved at the beginning, but it really pains me to take any credit for the great story they've created since. Lowell Francis is a rising star and should be praised for all his work on this and Gene Ha is a risen (rock) star with whom it's a privilege to work. Always :)"

There were some lukewarm reviews, but a number of quite positive ones. Since it is my blog, I'll focus on the positive.

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I really love the Microscope RPG. As my wife said, it is a game which makes you want to find an excuse to play it. I like the tangible element of ending up with a solid timeline you could play in. But more than that I love the chance to see real collaborative creative work from the group. We talked about a few things we'd like to try out with it.

I'd like to see a secret history of the 20th Century timeline- one with super-secrets and high tech spies. I don't know if it would necessarily be a supers world, but one with weird powers and arcane hidden magics. Perhaps something like Planetary or Nick Fury? Spycraft went this route, breaking away from a lot of real-world conventions and out Bond-ing James Bond.

I've mentioned before that I'd like to see a game which took a historical approach to the Harry Potter setting. We know that the big four people founded Hogwarts at some point in the past. What if you put together a session of Microscope with a starting point of “A War Between Muggles and Wizards” and ends with “The founding students enter study at Hogwarts.” Then the campaign could be Hogwarts: First Class. The Microscope timeline before that could set things up. You might find answers for why Slytherin is necessary. How did they get the Centaurs to agree to have the place so close to them? Did they build Hogwarts or was it already there? Were there perhaps other mages beyond those original four? If so, what happened to them?


Lastly, I'm jealous of people going to Gen Con and seeing all the cool new stuff. We have to bump our Friday game this week as we'll be short two players. The Saturday game continues on, and we'll make that “the best session ever” as we always do when someone misses a session.

Also, I'm getting going a little on Goggle+ so feel free to reach out to me there. I haven't yet figured out the tools, but Greg Christopher (who I respect hugely) says that it has been fruitful and empowering.