Saturday, August 6, 2011

Victorian Lost

Coming in March from White Wolf for Changeling the Lost:

Victorian Lost

The foggy streets muffle the rattle of cab wheels and the measured clip-clop of horse hooves. Well-dressed gentlemen in top hats raise their lanterns high as they quickly make their way through the fog, practically dragging along women in elaborate dresses. This is London at the end of the nineteenth century, and even in this age of science and industry, people still believe in faeries.

They believe in you.

Victorian Lost offers advice and material for running Changeling: The Lost chronicles set in Victorian England. Akin to the previous books like New Wave Requiem and Mage Noir, Victorian Lost will focus less on the historical details of the late 19th century and more on evoking the Victorian Age through the eyes of the Lost.
It is nice to see them doing some more stuff for Changeling. One of the things about Changeling that makes it work for me is the contrast between the fantastic of the modern. I'm going to be curious about what setting it in a time/place outside our our experience (another fantastic place in some ways) will add to it. I think the phrase used for that is "double mumbo jumbo."