Friday, August 19, 2011

Strange Lists

When we did our session of Microscope recently, I offered a list of weird names and ideas for players who got stuck. So here's a list of 51 strange things without details or explanation.

The Fatewine Tapestry
The Hours of Veyden
Night of Silent Crows
Lost Blades of Aeos
The Flight from Hrogar
The Tower's Candidates
The Vainwar Petition
Baron Tarnish
Black Storm Orders
The Crimson Signature
The Foul Warrens
Jonathan Resolute
Festival of Scarves
The Cursed Road
Burning of the Marsh
Luminous Council
Running of the Blooded
The Mirror Shatters
Opening of the Tomb
Shadestone Escapes
Tree of Menoc
Warden of Dusk
Vanishes Slate
Hills of Neringan
Nergan's Star
The Truce at Vendmeer
Isharok's Challengers
The Culling of Heroes
The Prince Astray
Recovery of the Ledgers
Seventeen Fateful Words
The Siege at Stormend
Tonefallow Draws Near
Egas Gambles Badly
Gravediggers' Revolt
Shamsala Calls the Beast
Reckoning's Wall
Conspiracy of Cradles
Nightmares from Summer
The Amber Wind
Steel Falls
Wedding of the Pretender
Bandits' Freehold
Day of No Dawn
The Cursed Usurper
The Assassin of Dreams
Zoka's Eclipse
Forsworn Glen
The Gathered Crown
The Bells of Pelic


  1. Great list - they get better for me as I move down. Some wonderful images in there, and who knows what lies behind them?

  2. Yoinked! I love the list and I am already thinking of doing something similar. Like DungeonWords but with phrases and proper nouns. Keen!

  3. There's that bit in that essay by Michael Moorcock where he suggests having a list of just weird and mysterious stuff to throw out- in an offhand manner or as set up for something. I'm thinking I'm going to do that from now on in addition to the random list of NPC names I usually generate.