Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Virtuacon 2013

This year RPG Geek has decided to organize an online virtual convention. It will run October 18-20th across many time zones. RPG Geek's been a pretty great community to participate in, with solid and interesting participants. Beyond that it offers a solid and comprehensive database of RPGs, along with the ability to record and track your collection. I've used that resource to track down new games in genres I enjoy.

I'm going to be running two events for the convention; I'll post the specifics when everything is finalized. They're still looking for more GMs and events. If you're interesting in running an online game for a pretty solid group of gamers, consider pitching in. They'd like to get a few more events before the event reg deadline of July 15th. 

You can see the full details on sign up and more details about the convention here. 

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