Friday, August 2, 2013

The Third Continent

I'd been running continuously in the fantasy world I'd crafted for about six years when I decided I wanted to try a slightly new spin on things. Most of the campaigns had taken place on one continent- with the suggestion that another existed to the far west. I decided I wanted an entirely new setting, with a carefully crafted and linked history, along with a focus on religion and the gods. I decided to borrow heavily from Harn for this. In a moment of total lack of inspiration, I called it the Third Continent. Eventually I would run a half dozen campaigns there- with two other GMs also running in the setting. Importantly I began to adopt and adapt ideas from Glorantha into the setting- at first piece-meal and then more deliberately as I discovered more about the then out-of-print world. Eventually it would be a terrible and cobbled together cosmology that managed to shoehorn in the Lythic Pantheon with all of the other Gloranthan stories. It is a mess, but a mess that some players really love. Below is the map I drew up, circa 2001 with my minimal graphic skills.


  1. Been there, done that. Bought the T-shirt.

  2. Takes me back to my first campaign world map. Unfortunately mine was on graph paper, which ruined it from an artistic perspective.