Saturday, December 30, 2017

RPGs 2017: Cyberpunk to Steampunk to Westerns

As we hit the end of 2017, I'm preparing to catalog and write up the year’s releases in the genres I’ve covered in my RPG History lists. I’ve assembled basic lists. They don't include everything—with a few exceptions items have a physical release or if electronic only have 72 pages or more. Kickstarted projects need to have delivered a final pdf in to be counted.

This is a skeleton list. For supplements I've put the system name in parenthesis; otherwise it's a core or generic book. I’ll do full posts throughout the year. More than anything I want to get a sense of how many games and supplements we saw in each category. Across the board we had many more than I thought. This post just covers everything but Horror RPGs. I’ve posted those here.

Book of the Lost (Shadowrun)
Dark Terrors (Shadowrun)
Im Bann der Karten (Shadowrun, German)
Incorporated Volume2 (Corporation)
Interface Zero (Pathfinder)
November Metric (The Sprawl)
Quantronic Heat (Infinity)
State of the Art ADL (Shadowrun, German)
The Complete Trog (Shadowrun)

2099 Wasteland (Hypercorps)
Death is the New Pink (Into the Odd)
Godless (Shadow of the Demon Lord)
Greenscape (Savage Worlds, Spanish)
Into the Outside (Numenera)
Scorched Earth (Pathfinder)

Auge um Auge (Private Eye, German)
En Busca del Luna Esmeralda (Aventuras en la Marca del Este, Spanish)
Firearms & Margarine (Castle Falkenstein)
World of Gaia (Engines & Empires)

Atlas of Earth-Prime (Mutants & Masterminds)
Freedom City 3rd Edition (Mutants & Masterminds)
Halcyon City Herald Collection (Masks: A New Generation)
Supergame Third Edition
Survivor's Guide, Vol. I (Rotted Capes)
Unmasked (Cypher)
MONAD System (Italian)

Down Darker Trails (Call of Cthulhu)
Frontier (5E)
Gli Ultimi Volume1 (Deadlands, Italian)
Our Lost Way (Praxis)

What did I miss? If you've spotted major omissions, give me a heads up in the comments. 

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