Wednesday, January 10, 2018

RPG Cheat Sheet Miscellany (Updated)

With the new year, I thought'd be useful to assemble my list of one-page cheat sheets I've written for various rpgs. It's a grab bag of games, mostly niche systems. But if you're looking to try one of these out, I hope it helps. I've also included links to some Google Spreadsheets I've created for characters. Feel free to copy these to your drive and re-purpose them. They're useful templates for building sheets for other games as well. Give me a heads up in the comments if you use any of these!

7th Sea Khitai Character Spreadsheet
Legacy 2e: Life Among the Ruins Character Spreadsheet
Mutant City Blues Express Character Spreadsheet
Rolemaster Lite Cheat Sheet
World Wide Wrestling Gimmick Summary
World Wide Wrestling Roster Spreadsheet

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