Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Changeling the Lost Vegas: Session Four: Seating Order

The video for session four:

This Episode
The group continues their exploration of Sunswept Ranch. They hear a mysterious car drive onto the grounds, but when they look see no vehicle. Eventually they discover the Invisible Bookmobile of Teodoro Candlemass who is immediately subject to the group's tender mercies. After a round of Bad Cop, Worse Cop, and Let-Go-From-The-Force Cop, they get information from Teodoro. He's a street mage (not a Wizard, a point he makes repeatedly) from Las Vegas trying to stay out of the way of sorcerous fascists. He and the group strike a slightly lop-sided pledge. He shows them the location of the Hedge Fruit Garden. They check it out and discover a rich prize hidden away.   

Next Session: The last exploration bits and reporting back in.

Meta-Notes: This session actually caps an awesome weekend of gaming. I ran a full-on dungeon crawl in the Friday night game, wrapping with the return of a legendary villain the group defeated. On Saturday I played two games of Arkham Horror (one win, one loss) and Airlines Europe.  On Sunday I played several games of Netrunner, two games of Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar, and one game of Ginkopolis. Then I ran this on Monday. Plus I wrote four reviews and got some other prep done. Good stuff. 

This session follows from these elements:

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