Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Changeling the Lost Vegas: Session Three: Ante In

The video for session three:
With the group settled in a little and a few questions answered, Simon Maggots arrives to present them with a "not ultimatum". If they perform a task for each of the Courts, they will be welcomed into the Freehold. After some bristling, they agree and ask for Simon's task. They are to investigate a lost piece of property and associated Hollow- a former rec center and mini-golf course. Before undertaking that, the group meets with the strangely direct Prince of the Autumn Court, the Court of Debts, Shark-Fingered Princess. They then gather themselves to undertake Simon's request. 
The Session Itself:
I begin with some discussion of player secrets. It is usually cool to get those concepts out on the table so everyone can play off of them. I then cut forward to the group on scene at dusk at Sunswept Ranch. They break in and begin their investigation. 

And then the chairs arrive. 

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