Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Eternal Lies: A Trail of Cthulhu Contest

I’ve been working my way through Eternal Lies, the massive Trail of Cthulhu campaign just released. Pelgrane continues to craft a smart series of larger supplements for the game from the improv campaign of The Armitage Files, to the brilliant framework of Bookhounds of London, to the genre emulation of Shadows Over Filmland, and beyond. Great games often come to be defined by great campaigns and modules. CoC brought us Masks of Nylarlethotep and Walker in the Wastes for example. Just on a first pass-through, I think Eternal Lies deserves to be ranked up there.

Pelgrane Press has generously offered a free copy of this 400 page hardcover as a give-away. Accordingly I've come up with a little contest. My favorite bit from Eternal Lies so far are the “Three Things” NPC details authors Will Hindmarch, Jeff Tidball, and Jeremy Keller present. Like constantly touching those he speaks with; uses an economy of speech when communicating; and old-fashioned haircut. They’re great and easily accessible for the GM. So for this contest all you have to do is leave a comment on this thread, along with an NPC detail. You can also enter by posting in a similar thread you’ll find in the Pelgrane Press G+ Community.

1. You may enter up to twice: once here and once in the Pelgrane G+ Community thread.
2. You should leave an interesting and evocative NPC detail.
3. The winner will be chosen at (or a little after) noon EST on Friday September 20th. I will make consolidated a list of the entries on both threads and then use an online random number generator to pick a winner.
4. Winners will be contacted via email or the like. If I don’t hear back from the winner within 48 hours, I’ll pick another winner.
5. The winner receives a hardcover of Eternal Lies mailed to them.

I think that’s all the formalities. Thanks again to Pelgrane Press for offering this up. 

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  2. A tendency, while talking, to stand very close and look nervously back over her shoulder.

    My name is Adam Drew. Not sure why Google wants me to be unknown".

    1. Argh. And my email isn't linking in. Madness. So my email is Deadlytoque at gmail

  3. Detail: her eyes drop from those of the people she meets to their shoes, then rise coldly with excruciatingly judgmental slowness back again.

    Interesting contest~

  4. Detail: ...smells faintly of coriander...

    e-mail: knaverupe at gmail dot com

  5. As they speak you notice an unidentifiable piece of meat stuck between their stained teeth...and then their stomach rumbles.

  6. She wears a diaphonous shift, so see-through you think that if she turns, you'll see things you shouldn't. And then she DOES turn... and you could swear you see all the way through to the back.

  7. She is always wearing a ring that she fidgets with constantly, and occasionally you can see a spark when she twists the ring.

  8. He is constantly doodling in a small notebook and leaving the pictures (that remind you of people you know) lying around. It would not seem so strange if you did not run into those same people later in your day.

  9. Scratches his ghost hand when lying, while looking at you dead in the eyes. Laughs when caught scratching; "One can never forget a day like that mate."

  10. Periodically pulls out a pocketwatch to check the time as a nervous tic. But never the same pocket or the same watch twice in succession.

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  13. He sips a small bottle after a long talk.

  14. One of this guy's eyes is... off.
    When talking to you, his right eye looks at your face, but the left is always looking slightly above and to the left of you head. It's disconcerting, suggesting there's someone behind you.

  15. The older gentleman smells reassuringly like your father . . .

  16. She frequently adjusts her glasses when she talks, raising them when asking a question, and lowering them when she makes a statement.

  17. If distracted while holding a writing instrument, her hand begins to draw something, as if of it's own accord. When someone notices this, she becomes embarrassed, and tries to go elsewhere.

  18. His impassive face is covered with yellowish hallucinogenic powder, and from time to time he tries to get to her with his tongue

  19. Attempts to finish sentences of those he is speaking with.

  20. He always has a cigarette in his mouth, but he doesn't smoke.

  21. Has a tattooed eye in the middle of the forehead which makes everyone feel great discomfort. What is more - it turns out that the lids of his eyes also have tattoos of the eyes so when he closes them it looks like he's still looking.

  22. These are absolutely wonderful! Here's one:
    When the fact that he is bleeding is pointed out to him, he doesn't even bother to look at the freely flowing cut. What he has to say is too important.

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  23. From the comments here and on the G+ thread, I've put together a list of names and then used a random number generator to pick one- the winner is:

    Jesús Fernández Vallejo

    Thanks to everyone who participated and came up with awesome (and often awful)NPC details. 

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