Monday, November 4, 2013

RPG Question Roundtable: Play on Target Podcast Ep. 20 & More

For the latest episode of the Play on Target podcast we work through a series of quick-shot questions. These come from the RPG “Question of the Day” threads on RPG Geek curated by Steve DonohueLike the episode this post will be a grab bag of ideas. A couple of details from the episode I should mention. First, the Changeling the Lost campaign I mentioned has shifted over to Fate Core. We’ve only done two sessions of that so far. I’ll talk more about that after we try it some more. Second, Cards Against Humanity still hasn’t announced when the video series for the Tabletop Deathmatch will air. They’ve said winter but with no other specifics- which puts us in a difficult position regarding moving forward on it, doing Kickstarters, etc. We’ll see. I’m pretty happy with this episode though we don’t have Andrew present as a co-host. He’s back for the next set we recorded. My favorite phrase from the episode “The Five Foot Step Regime.”

*Blogging and posting will be light for November. This is Nagademon- Nation Game Design Month. While I’m not formally doing a project for that, I have two RPG projects I’ve been working on for a while that I want to move forward on. I think I can get them into playable shape. I’m also getting close to wrapping up two long running campaigns. I will still be putting out the weekly History of Superhero RPGs lists.

*The last couple of weeks have been good in terms of Kickstarter fulfillments. I received the last part of my Hillfolk backing- the cards and tokens. I also got the rest of my Fate Core backing: which looks awesome, awesome. I wasn’t sure what the Fate Worlds would be like, but they’re quite useful. I have the Kingdom rpg coming soon, as well as Centurion. I’m also looking forward to the Veronica Mars t-shirt which is supposed to drop soon.

*RPG Geek remains one of my favorite communities- good discussions, helpful advice, tools for tracking your collections, a useful rating system based on user feedback. It also offers a powerful and rich database of games- allowing you to search for those you might be interested in (by genre, mechanics, etc). But the interface can be offputting  If you can get past that it is a superb resources for RPGers. This new video's a nice introduction and overview for those intimidated by the site.

I'd also suggest this for game developers, event managers, and people who want to get the word out. They have a pretty dedicated group of gamers there worth tapping into for minimal effort. If you want to play an online game, you might consider joining the Play-by-VoiP Guild on RPG Geek. They're a solid crew. 

*Last week I received a pdf review copy of Base Raiders. It impressed me enough I immediately bought a print copy of it. I’ll be writing up my review of it soon. This weekend I ran an online one-shot session to try it out. You can see the video below, if you like that sort of thing.

*If you like RPG Gaming podcasts, I hope you'll check it out. We take a focused approach- tackling a single topic each episode. You can subscribe to the show on iTunes or follow the podcast's page at


  1. Good podcast, though I wish there had been more of it or to it somehow. Still, if the fans want more you must be doing something right.

    When it came to genre I wasn't surprised by the pro-Fantasy camp but was disappointed my people (Science Fiction/Space Adventure fans) were under-represented. :p

  2. You can count me as one of the latter, too. :)