Thursday, April 2, 2015

Play on Target: All the Podcasts

Here’s a rundown of the episodes for Play on Target. I’ve provided a link to my commentary blog post on the episode as well as the show itself. Each episode is about an hour long and almost always focuses on a single topic or theme. I think you'll find useful information in the discussions and ideas.

This year we hope to get on a steadier release schedule, with an episode every two to three weeks. We plan to do some more GM Jams; recommendations would be appreciated. As well we've kicked off a new sub-series offering post-mortems of our campaigns. We want those to offer a look at our GMing decisions and things we might have done differently. We also want to get more listener feedback- things we should be doing, topics we should cover, things that work or don't work for you about the podcast. 

We have several places to connect with us. The main Play on Target site's the most obvious, but we also have these options:
RPG Geek Page & Forums
PLOT on Facebook
Twitter @PlayOnTarget
Our G+ Community Page

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