Monday, January 27, 2014

In the News: Supers Campaign Player Blurbs

Some of the players wrote up short blurbs talking about what they'd done between campaign arcs of our Mutants & Masterminds campaign, First Wave. 

Dr. Victor Freize (aka Mr Freeze) officially opened his School for Gifted Youngsters today during a ribbon cutting ceremony in a high tech building near the Stark Tech Center.  Freize told the audience that there was finally a place for gifted youngsters to thrive and learn to control their abilities without enslaving the students for other purposes.  Freize remarked the school is completely self-funded by government grants and fees paid by the students who work as industrial consultants for various firms while tuition is generally free.  The students are free to work or not and all consulting is at the school or under supervision to ensure no restricted or improper use of abilities occurs. 

 He noted that the recent Snowden leaks about the DHS warrantless searching through hospital, blood bank and government DNA databases for the mutant gene markers proves that there is still much work to be done.  Freize said “These databases were not even supposed to exist, much less invading the privacy of every single citizen without court oversight, it is still beyond belief that DHS sequenced Angela Merkel’s DNA, apparently they don’t like Germans with a different agenda”.  Freize said he prefers to work with the government to solve any potential problems but vowed that there will never be a “Jim Crow” era or “Japanese internment” for people of gifted genetics as long as the “US remains true to its founding principles.”

In a surprise move yesterday at the end of the business day, Tony Stark (CEO of Stark Industries) announced his retirement from the Board, and the Transfer of his majority stock holdings to an as yet unnamed individual.  Mr. Stark cited the increase of Supervillian activity as the primary reason for his retirement.  “In the wake of the Troubles our city has faced over the last couple months, from Giant Monsters to nefarious villains, its become increasingly apparent to me that the world need Iron Man™ more than it needs another Corporate Executive, no matter how good looking and incredibly humble said individual may be.”, said Mr. Stark on Friday at a hastily organized press conference.  Mr. Stark also indicated that he would be liquidating all his family assets and pledging them to a trust fund for those victims of the fallout of superhero battles, such as the tragedy our city suffered last month.

 In related news, Stark industries stock took a decided uptick upon the news of Mr. Starks retirement.  Industry analysts see decided advantage in distancing Stark Industries from exposure (financial and physical) to Mr. Stark’s extracurricular activities.  One anonymous executives is quoted as saying: “No matter how much you appreciate a superhero like Mr. Stark saving the world, I would rather it didn’t happen in my living room.  It’s hard on the furniture.”

To my First Wave colleagues:
I find myself still reeling from the revelations that culminated with our battle with Hela.  I find the very moorings of my identity shaken.  I am not Tony Stark.  I am a placeholder, a contingency plan… but I am no puppet.  I am not Tony stark, and that is a good thing.  However, this leaves me with a quandary… I have no right to Stark Industries… indeed, it’s an empire built on bloodmoney and cabal corruption.  Further, it is a crutch and powerbase for our enemies should Kang (or any other of his contingency clones) resurface.  I think the best thing I can do for the world is disassociate “Tony Stark” from this power base.  I’m selling everything of his I can find, and donating it to a charity.  I am transferring my stock to the one person at Stark I know I can trust, Ms. Pepper Potts (just like the movie for mostly similar reasons).  Whether she takes a public presence in the company or remains behind the scenes, is up to her.  

I will be retaining all the rights to Ironman™,  marketing proceeds, and well as a paid consultancy at Stark Industries as I have no intention of being poor *shudder*. Besides it takes quite a bit of resources to keep operating as Ironman.  But our enemies will find no benefit from our shared likeness.

Mister Miracle, true to form, has been attracting media attention and courting controversy since the battle with Hela. In a press conference shortly after the battle, he announced that he would no longer be performing his escape show as " after literally wrestling with a  death god before the eyes of the world, I cannot think of a more spectacular escape to perform." He did cryptically assure the assembled journalists that he was working on something that might top it.

The end of his escape show did not mean his escape from the public eye, however. He joined with the now  public Luchadores in the formation of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. Combining the legacy of the deceased luchador Muerte del Vampiros with his own recent victory over Hela, he assumed the in-ring persona of El Hijo del Muerte, losing to Super Hombre in the inaugural title tournament. He has also formed a tag team with the young mutant Leech, who competes as Juventud Milagro.

Outside the ring, Kid Miracle has occasionally joined Mister Miracle in his crime fighting activities. Miracle has even begun taking his protégé on trips to Apokolips to study the technique of building his own mother box with Himon. Even without the knowledge of these trans-dimensional journeys, some in the media question the wisdom of including young superhumans, who they derisively refer to as 'teen-age sidekicks", in vigilante activities.  

In his spare time Mister Miracle began a study of the Illuminati prison crystal, which has become an increasing obsession. So fascinated is he by its mysteries that he's started secretly making the forbidden journey to new Genesis to consult with Metron.  His interest has grown to such an extent that friends are beginning to worry about him. What worries those closest to him even more, is that they are beginning to suspect that he is looking for a way IN rather than a way to get the prisoners out.