Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Changeling Lost Vegas: Session Fifteen: Dream Hand

The video for Session Fifteen:
This Episode:
G+ hangouts decided to be uncooperative last night, so we only got about half of the session recorded. That meant the loss of some high comedy.

I was going to move the scene forward, but the players wanted to return to the Hob Casino/Market Lil’ Pals to finish off that scene. John in particular hungered for the Panic Bucket, perhaps jealous over Andi’s Essential Ice Cream Scoop. John gambled and lost and then wagered again and won the Bucket which he clutched tightly. Morosa also gambled, winning a set of Murder Sticker Colorforms which she thought might be useful as a focus for curses. The group asked a follow up question of the Hobs in the casino and, after paying out some goods, managed to learn more about Cantorian Wolf. He’d come here with two other Changelings. The Hob dealer showed them the dolls the trio had used as their cover charge. One was an Asian Princess Barbie, covered with permanent marker tattoos. The other looked like Wyatt Earp. The motley left and, after some discussion, headed out on foot the short distance to make their way out of the Hedge here. Given how close they were to the real world and the nature of the trods, exit proved relatively easy, though the brambles caught John a couple of times. They found themselves in a restaurant in the Excalibur casino.

After eating copious quantities of ice-cream flavored fare, the group returned to their refuge at Sunswept Ranch. They considered their next course of action. John pushed Teodoro’s buttons, leading to a rant from the street mage. He railed against the fascist propaganda of the Harry Potter books, crafted by an evil wizard to indoctrinate humanity to his overlordship. Teodoro sputtered on this for a few minutes before exiting to go out and smoke by his van. After a pause, the motley decided to call Abyssinian Max both to ask about the two unknown Changelings and to perhaps obtain an invitation to a meal. Max identified the “cowboy” as Three Iron Sour, a ‘Gun’ Elemental. However he denied knowing anyone who looked like the other doll- a clear omission given that the Motley had briefly caught sight of a woman who looked like that at the Spring Court. After some discussion, they decided to head over to Gren’dell’s a neutral ground bar for supernaturals. They convinced Teodoro to go with them.

The bar contained a number of different beings, including Changelings, Werewolves, a Mage, and maybe what appeared to be a robot? The owner, Gren’dell, offered them a picher of the house dark beer- potent and intoxicating even to their kind. Teodoro spoke with a homeless-looking mage stuffing crows into a gun. The PCs saw a couple of changelings they knew: Dudley Ladyquake, Muzzled Thought, and Terrible Job. They approach Job and traded him beer for information. The darkling asked about their current status and warned them that once they’d completed their final task for the Courts, the honeymoon period would be over. He explained a little of the power tensions in the freehold.

Turning the conversation back to their task, Job admitted he knew Cantorian Wolf. He’d dropped off the grid after having been around heavily for some time. Wolf and Three Iron Sour had both vanished around the same time. The latter changeling could often be found around old gun ranges and shows- he ate shell casings like popcorn. Job also identified the woman as Melanie Five-Marks, a servant Fairest who really wanted to be in the upper echelons of the Spring Court. Job said the last he heard of Wolf was that he was selling something to Carpenter Husk, a self-destructive changeling currently serving as the Rabbit for the Freehold. Job gave the group Husk’s location. Meanwhile, Andi and John both overindulged in the beers. Andi continued to make everything taste like ice cream using her magical scoop token.

Back home, most of the group managed to overcome the effects of the beers. Most except for Andi who returned everything she’d eaten that evening, all ice-cream flavored, back out onto the roof of the building. After recovery and clean up the next morning, the group considered their next move: Wolf’s Apartment; Track Down Three Iron Sour; Find Carpenter Husk; Research the Token; Check on Melanie Five-Marks; Confront Abyssinian Max; or some other stratagem?

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