Friday, September 20, 2013

Eternal Lies: Trail of Cthulhu Contest Result

Last week I posted a contest. Pelgrane had thoughtfully donated a copy of their new hardcover campaign Eternal Lies for Trail of Cthulhu. I asked those who wanted a shot at it to leave a comment, including a detail to use for an NPC in a ToC campaign. From the comments on my blog and on the G+ thread, I put together a list of names and then used a random number generator to pick one. The winner is:

Jesús Fernández Vallejo

Thanks to everyone who participated and came up with awesome (and often awful) NPC details. I'll put together a post of all those ideas next week. 

Update: I have not heard from the winner with 48 hours of announcing. I tried to contact the winner via G+, with no result. Per the rules I set in the contest, I will be generating another result and a new winner. The new winner is: Paul Mitchener. 

Paul, if you could contact me with a mailing address, I can send that out to you this week. 

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